Rectangle MDF Cake Boards

Size: 14 x 16 inch

Latorta's high quality MDF cake boards are hugely popular and adored by professional decorators and home bakers alike.  

Our Rectangle MDF Cake boards come in gloss white, gloss black, silver foil and gold foil food safe coverings.  Please indicate for preferred colour choice in the comments section of our 'view checkout' page.

MDF cake boards (often referred to as Masonite Cake Boards) are strong, durable and thick.  They do not sag under the weight of your cake.  Our boards range from 5mm thick in the smaller sizes and 6mm thick in the larger sizes.

MDF (masonite) cake boards are one of the most essential elements of your cake creation. You cake needs something sturdy and food safe to sit on!! Cake boards also make transporting and moving your cake far easier! 

MDF boards are also grease resistant, food safe and will not bend. 

Our cake boards here at Latorta come in a variety of shapes, colours and patterns. So, rest assured you'll be able to find the perfect board to compliment your cake. 

Designed to act as presentation boards, they can carry the weight of the whole cake, including multi tiered cakes.  Your presentation board should be at least 2” bigger than your cake, or 4" or more if you wish to have room for writing, candles or other decorative ideas. 

* also available in bulk orders of 50 for 25% discount

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