Rose Gold Lustre Dust Creative Metallic


Creative Cake Decorating Lustre Dusts are made right here in Australia and are just beautiful to work with.   We consider one of the premium brands of lustres on the market.

The metallic lustre dusts contain no fillers, meaning you are paying for pure colour and no added cornflour like some other brands.  The pure mica colours offer shimmer and light reflection and given an opulent sheen.  The finely ground mineral micas prevent the colours splitting and streaking. Use as a dry powder (similar to applying blush or eyeshadow) for your chocolates or sugar decorations, or mix with Rose Decorator's Spirit to create a rich paint or airbrush paint. 

Rose Gold Creative Cake Decorating lustre dust is non toxic and designed for ornamental purposes in your cake decorating. 

Size: 4g

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