Chocolate Mould - Rose Liqueur


Chocolate mould with roses - perfect shape for liqueur chocolates with a liquid centre.

Approx weight of made up Rose Chocolate (solid) is 12g.

One of our 300g bag of chocolate will make approx 25 roses.

The mould can also be used as a lollypop mould to create roses on a stick.

Fill each mould to capacity then insert a stick upright.  Be sure to steady it so its straight.

Use a longer stick that will have a thicker diameter and will be able to hold the weight

The 150 mm sticks are perfect for this.

Once the sticks are inserted try not to move the mould until they have set some more otherwise they will tip over and drag in the chocolate.

Make a few, attached some leaves made out of cardboard or felt and you have an edible bunch of roses.

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