Persian Rose Water 110ml - Pariya


Rose water is a flavoured water extracted from the steam of distilled rose petals.   It is a delightful food flavouring used extensively in Persian and Middle Eastern cooking, but also for skin care.   

Absolutely pure and natural, our Rosewater by Pariya:
- is a by-product of distilled rose petals
- is unequalied to other rosewaters
- has a dizzyingly beautiful fragrance
- adds an exquisite rose flavour to your recipes including Persian Love Cake
- is an excellent addition to drinks and cocktails 
- is preservative and additive free

Whisk into cream (and sugar) to serve with strawberries; or add a splash to fresh raspberries with a pinch of thyme and sugar or to warm fruit compotes and coulis.

Health Benefits and skin care:
Rose water has great health benefits, it sooths skin irritations and has anti-inflammatory properites.  It enhances mood, helps heal cuts, scars and burns and reduces skin redness.  Rosewater also helps promote sleep.

- Use as a skin toner
- Use in a spray mist to hydrate skin in dry climates

- Net weight 110ml

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