Round Cake Pan / Tin - Cecil & Co

Size: 10 INCH

These industry grade round cake pans are made in Australia from high quality tin plate. They feature deep sided straight walls and are perfect for all types of cake recipes from light weight sponges and chiffons, to rich fruit cakes and mud cakes.

Made in Australia by Cecil & Co, a family owned sheet metal manufacturing company, since 1924.   

Tin Plate is ideal for baking cakes, breads cookies and pies.  The shiny surface deflects the heat from the food so that they don’t scorch, whereas dark coloured baking tins absorb the heat.

These high quality tins will last a lifetime if well cared for and improve with age as they develop a dark patina which provides protection. Keep clean and dry to minimise oxidation and corrosion.

Pro Tip:  Line the tin with baking paper first. This will allow the cake to be released easily from the tin once baked.  To wash, soak the tin in warm soapy water for a few minutes, before gently cleaning with a soft sponge or cloth.  Dry thoroughly in a warm oven to prevent rust.

Please note:  These tins are handmade and dimensions may vary by several millimeters. Similarly, incremental increases in mm size may not be exactly consistent with inch sizing.  The cake pans are approx 3" deep.

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