Silicone Mould / Cake Pan - Large Geometric Heart 3D

The geometric hearts are taking the world by storm.  They are perfect for so many celebrations including Valentines Day, Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays and more. 

The Large Geo Heart Silicone Mould measures approx 19cm (almost 8 inch) - its an ideal size for heart shaped chocolate pinatas and smash cakes, heart mousse cakes and entremets.  A wonderful alternative to a your typical cake.  Fill with lollies, sprinkles, chocolate coated strawberries, jewellery, money & more for a smash cake (surely the only time a broken heart brings much joy).

The Geo Heart mould is made out of a silicone system specially formulated for use in food and confectionary and complies to FDA regulations.  Can bake up to 200 degrees and is also suitable to freeze.  Use with ice cream, ice water, cake batter or chocolate.

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