Sno Creme Vegetable Shortening 750g


Snocreme shortening is a premium quality creaming shortening used for buttercreams frostings and fudge icings.

Use in replacement of regular butter in buttercream to create a whiter in colour, dairy free, vegan mix.

Prepared from blended vegetable oil. It has a uniform white appearance with pleasant buttery taste.

  • Sno Creme Shortening is a great alternative to butter in Buttercream recipes – it keeps the buttercream white, provides a fluffy texture and is more stable in humid and hot weather.  
  • Provides moisture and non-stick qualities when used in sugarcraft projects such as moulds, gumpaste extruders, fondant rolling mats and more.  It is perfect for adding to your gumpaste and pastillage recipes.
  • Keeps your cakes and cookies soft, and your frosting fluffy.
  • Ideal for mock creams, cake, muffin and bun decorations, cream fillings and toppings, icing

Suits a range of dietary requirements including vegan, gluten free, dairy free, and nut free.


Ingredients:  Vegetable fats and oils, Emulsifiers (435, 471), Antioxidant [307b, from Soy Bean (200mg/kg)] and Flavour

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