Spray Bottle 100ml


A handy spray bottle to fill with liquid for an easy and clean mist application. 


  • Water - spray your profiteroles or breads with a fine mist of water prior to baking to create steam in your oven and get greater lift
  • Food Dyes - fill with gel pastes diluted with decorator's spirit to create a water-colour paint effect
  • Airbrush Colours - fill with airbrush colours for a DIY airbrush for small projects.
  • Wafer Paper Potion - make your own wafer paper potion to soften, shape and manipulate your wafer paper designs.
  • Decorator's Spirit - have this excellent cleaning agent on hand for a quick clean up of surface areas, marks on fondant etc.
  • Water or Diluted Sugar Glue - spray large surface areas of fondant icing, cake lace or back of edible images etc to glue down / affix to fondant or other icing.

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