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Many bakers complain that their cake didn't cook through or their macarons cracked.  Often it's the oven that is not reading correctly and sending your recipes into unfavourable temperature settings and doomed for failure.  We recommend that every baker has an oven thermometre permantly sitting in their oven to help callibrate it.
  • An oven thermometre is an essential tool in the bakers' kit - as it helps you assess whether your oven is actually heating to the temperature you are setting it at, and allows you to make adjustments before putting your batter in to bake.  So many bakers are often shocked at how "off" their REAL oven temperatures actually are from the dial.
  • Easy to read dial which measures in both Celsius and Fahrenheit (Ranges 10°C - 230°C/50°F - 450°F), offers an easy way to convert recipes from another country for your oven.
  • Keep track of how hot your oven is with the Cuisena Oven Thermometer
  • Convenient clip to hang the thermometer, keeping it stable inside the oven; or simply stand the thermometer upright

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