Whisk - Balloon Whisk 30cm

  • Professional grade whisk
  • Ideal for light mixtures, egg whites, whipping cream, meringue, sifting dry ingredients
  • The handle length increases for larger whisks
  • Handles sealed for complete hygiene
  • Heavy duty stainless steel

The balloon whisk, sometimes called a piano whisk, has 12 very thin metal wires that culminate in a shape resembling a light bulb. Balloon whisks are wide on the bulb end, creating a lot of empty space in the middle of the wires. Flexible wires give you leeway to work with very thin liquids, and the springy nature of the wires help create movement as you mix ingredients. If you are not a professional chef or baker, the balloon whisk is likely the tool you have in your kitchen because its shape works with standard mixing bowls.

The main purpose of the balloon whisk is to introduce more air into the mixture as you beat it. You are not simply stirring your ingredients. If you are mixing egg whites or heavy whipping cream, you should use a balloon whisk. These whisks are also great for making meringue or mixing dry ingredients you would otherwise sift.

You should not use a balloon whisk when you are stirring heavy liquids, like waffle batter or a creamy sauce. In many cases, balloon whisks are too large to get the job done.

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