Whisk - Danish Dough Whisk


The traditional Danish Dough Whisk is also known as a Brodpisker and who better than the Danish to learn from when it comes to making pastries and fine doughs.  This practical and multi-purpose tool is strong enough to slice through the thickest no-knead bread dough while being gentle enough to blend the most delicate pancake batter.

If you've used a wooden spoon to mix dough or batter, you know that those mixtures like to cling to the wood with a barnacle-like grip. The dough whisk has three different sizes of circular coils, stacked one on top of the other to form a three-dimensional shape that glides through thin or thick batters and doughs with a surface area of mere 5% that of a regular mixing spoon.

The wires cut into batter and dough quickly and effectively, easily scraping up those evil pockets of flour that like to hide in the bottom of every mixing bowl. And since the dough whisk blends mixtures so efficiently, you're less likely to over-mix your batter. (and your arm won't get as tired!)

The whisk is both functional and stylishly designed, making it a kitchen essential for you and a thoughtful gift for a baker. 

  • Ergonomic and attractive wooden handle that's easy to grip
  • Made to a traditional Danish design with stainless steel hoops
  • Length: 33cm, Width: 8cm

How to Use:

Hold the whisk handle firmly. Stir your ingredients using a circular motion. When the dough is fully mixed, rinse the whisk under running water to clean.

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