Whisk - Flat Whisk 25cm

  • Professional grade whisk
  • Ideal for roux, bechamel, sauces, deglazing
  • Heavy duty stainless steel
  • Handles sealed for complete hygiene
  • Brand: LOYAL

Flat whisks feature all their wires lying flat, sort of creating a spoon rather than a bulb. These whisks feature 4 wires (appearing as 8 wires) that create a lateral curve. These whisks are perfectly shaped so that you can use them to scoop up larger food items, like poached eggs or fish.

The flat whisk is ideal for making a roux or bechamel. When you add flour to your roux, you need to mix the ingredients thoroughly, creating a smooth sauce. With a rounded whisk, you will struggle to reach the edges and corners of the saucepan. However, with the flat whisk, you’ll be able to scrape flour out of every nook and cranny, preventing your roux from burning or becoming uneven. You can also use a flat whisk to deglaze your pan.

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