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Saracino Modelling Chocolate can be used for the same purposes as a modelling paste or gum paste, but has a superior flavour profile.  

The White Saracino Modelling Chocolate is real white chocolate with the addition of syrups to make it softer and more malleable. Being 80% pure white chocolate, the taste and aroma are intense and typical of white chocolate and cocoa butter. This is the main reason that it is sometimes preferred over sugar paste, whose taste of vanilla or almond is added later by flavourings.

Modelling chocolate is mainly used for the creation of decorations such as flowers, figurines and characters.  Saracino have selected the finest of chocolate and added starches (that delay the process of melting), and sugars (that give greater elasticity and resistance).  You will find the Saracino brand provies the best results in terms of durability and taste! 

It is used less for covering cakes, basically because of the intrinsic characteristics of chocolate, it tends to harden and form a hard and difficult to cut covering.

The modelling chocolate also takes colour well (airbrushing, paste colour and colour dusts).

Before use knead the modelling paste in order to obtain a soft elastic pliable consistency.  If your ambient temperature is quite cool or the paste is too hard to work, it can be placed in a microwave for 5/10 seconds and heated gently to make softer.  

You will find it blends easily when adding pieces to sculpted work, and the sugar artist may find wearing plastic gloves helps.

The product is to be stored in a cool and dry place and shielded from direct light

Being a white chocolate this modelling paste is not pure white, but rather a creamy off white colour tone.

Made in Italy

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