Cupcake Luxe $175

Luxe Cupcakes – an everyday luxury for lovers of gourmet, for lovers of edible works of art.  

Join us on this fabu-luxe class and learn to create graceful, modern and luxurious cupcakes that complement any event and everyone’s taste.  We will be teaching a range of simple yet sophisticated techniques that can be mixed and matched on cupcakes or cakes.  Learn different piping techniques including rosettes, kisses, mermaid tails, pleats, ruffles and more.

Learn to create luxe colour palettes that sit harmoniously with lustrous metallics and evoke luxury.  Learn how evocative use of colour and shimmer can add dollars to your selling price yet have little effect to your costs.  Take your cake decorating to the next level.

These designs would suit special occasions including weddings, sit beautifully at a high tea event, or box up as stunning gifts. 

This half day class is perfect for both beginner and intermediate level cake decorators.  Whether you are new to cake decorating or have experience and wish to enhance your skills or target a new market of customer, you will find value in this class. 

Decorate 12 luxe cupcakes and take home to share with family and friends.


Gluten Free Option:

We can provide gluten free Cupcakes at additional cost for those with an intolerance to gluten. 


** Please note:  these piping techniques require a fair amount of strength in the hand and wrist.  It is not recommended for people with weak or little strength in their hand muscles, such as those suffering from arthritis, nerve damage or other injury or younger hands where core muscle strength has yet to develop.


** Please note:  our courses are designed for adults, however we understand that many children and teenagers desire to learn the art of cake decorating.  The Cupcakes Luxe workshop can be attended by a teenager (12-16 years/high school years 7-10) with suitable hand muscle strength, if they are accompanied by a supervising/assisting adult.  The adult is required to assist during those tasks that require a little extra muscle and to help with social comfort.  One workstation with 2 chairs is provided and 1 set of cupcakes is created by the teenager (with assistance from the accompany adult).  Refreshments are provided for both participants.   The additional $5 fee covers the additional person for catering purposes.   Please select "Teenager with Accompanying Adult" in the top part of the booking form under "1. Options".  Teenagers over the age of 16 (high school year 11+12)  can register for a course as an 'adult' and do not need to be accompanied.