Chocolate Transfers

Chocolate Transfers are like cool tattoos for your desserts, cakes and cookies.  

A chocolate transfer is a clear acetate sheet with a beautiful design printed with cocoa butter. The design transfers itself onto chocolate or other sugar product through heat.  Chocolate is the easiest - simply pour warm melted chocolate (tempered if it's a couverture chocolate) onto the sheet, refrigerate for several minutes, peel back, and voilà! (insert applause here). The design is printed right on to your chocolate, just like magic. 

They even work on fondant - roll your fondant, place over the transfer sheet and roll again to remove air bubbles.  Then warm the back of the cocoa butter transfer using a hair dryer on its cool setting.  Leave to cool completely before peeling away.  I've then cut the fondant out with cookie cutters, and placed on cookies.  

At Latorta we stock a beautiful range of Chocolate Transfer sheets made by Roberts Edible Craft, and fabulous templates for creating chocolate decorations in shapes such as circles, hearts and rectangle shards.   Watch the video below and see how easy this really is.

You can also place cookie cutters onto your chocolate transfer sheets and pour the chocolate in.  So many celebrations come to mind for this idea.... think of bunny and egg cutters for Easter, bauble & tree cutters for Christmas, prams & bottle cutters for Baby Showers...... the list is endless.