Make Your Own Hand Sanitiser

When it comes to preventing the spread of infectious diseases like COVID-19, nothing beats good old-fashioned hand washing. But if water and soap aren’t available, your next best option, according to the Centre for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), is to use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser.

Alcohol-based hand sanitsers can help keep you safe and reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus.

If you are having a hard time finding hand sanitiser at your local stores, you can take steps to make your own. We have all the ingredients and a free recipe card at Latorta to make your own hand sanitiser.  

Some ingredients are potent antibacterial and virucidal agents, some contain antimicrobial and antiviral properties, some are soothing and moisturising to your skin, some have stress reducing properties and can stimulate your limbic system which controls emotions, behaviours, memory, breathing, heart rate and blood pressure.

Ask in store for your "make your own hand sanitiser ingredients pack" for $16.85