Go For Gold

We’ve been stocking Callebaut Gold for about 2 years now…. Have your tried it yet?

From the world’s finest chocolate house, Callebaut, is the “to die for” GOLD Chocolate!  It’s the new colour and taste in Fine Belgian Chocolate. It’s soooo good, that I have requested to be buried with it, just like the Pharoahs of old.

Unlike other ‘caramel flavoured’ chocolate, Callebaut have created caramel first, then added chocolate to it.   Expertly crafted and composed from a fine selection of ingredients such as caramelised sugar and caramelised milk, Gold has an intense yet balanced caramel chocolate taste, with rich notes of toffee, butter, cream and an exciting dash of salt. Gold has a unique, warm caramel and pale amber colour, with a golden hue to create variety and excitement.

It makes for the most delicious ganache or truffle, and moreish caramel mud cake mix.  It’s perfect for handcrafted chocolates too.  We suggest you buy a little more than your recipe requires – because we guarantee you will want to eat it by the handful in front of the TV later that night LOL!

Shop in store or online for some Callebaut Gold Chocolate now.