Embosser - Australian Flora 3pc Set - Raise It Up Cookie Debossers

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Acrylic Raise It Up / Deboss Cookie Stamp  
This cookie stamp set features three (3) Australian native flower designs - Kangaroo Paw, Eucalyptus and Grevillea.

Proudly designed, printed, and packaged in Australia - they make great souveneirs too.

The designs are perfect for making sweet treats for an Australia Day Celebration or just to celebrate our Australian flora.  The Acrylic stamps measures 8cm x 8cm and feature three different designs: 

  • Kangaroo Paw the design measures 5.9cm wide by 5.7cm high.
  • Eucalypt the design measures 5.4cm wide by 5.7cm high.
  • Grevillea the design measures 5.2cm wide by 5.5cm high.

We designed our deboss stamp to work well with the following cookie cutters:

  •  Plaques (Oval, Square, Rectangle & Long)
  •  Round 6cm or larger
  •  Hexagon medium or larger
  •  Square 6cm or larger

and many more. (Cutters sold separately)

Made from high-quality 3mm clear Acrylic/Perspex.

Cleaning & Care Instructions 
Gently hand wash with warm water and a soft brush. 
Allow air to dry or dry with a soft cloth. 
Store stamps in an airtight bag or container, out of direct light. 
Not suitable for dishwashers. Avoid exposure to heat to prevent warping. 

Use Instructions
Make sure your fondant raise it up / deboss stamp is clean and dry.
Roll out fondant to approximately 3mm thick (thicker if you prefer).
Dust fondant lightly with corn flour or icing sugar, press stamp down and lightly roll with a rolling pin. Lift stamp to reveal the raised design.

You can also use the two-tone (or more) fondant method of pressing fondant into the design on the stamp, then gently scrape off the excess. Place the stamp on the rolled fondant, lightly rolling with a rolling pin. Lift the stamp to reveal the raised two-tone (multi-tone) design.

Stamps may be used with fondant, sugar paste, gum paste, modelling paste, play dough, clay and more.  You may or may not need to lightly dust with corn flour or icing sugar depending upon the brand of fondant you use.

Design & Manufacture Information
Designs by Sweet Themes or Commercial Licenses have been purchased by the original designer. 
Designed, printed, and packaged in Australia. 

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