Essentials Level 2 - Marble Luxe $295

The second step in the world of cake decorating - the more challenging square cake.  Students are encouraged to 'Think Outside The Square' with this refined design that oozes luxury amoungst its modern geometric lines and natural elements.

We've loaded this course up with lots of new learning outcomes including flawless black fondant, marble textures, chocolate work and metallic lustre finishes.

By the end of the class you will walk away with a fully decorated mud cake to take home and share with your family and friends. Choose from a luxurious palette of metallic lustres and marble hues to create your own unique design.


Course Outcomes:

1. Prepare a square cake for decorating (torte & trim)

2. Ganache a square cake in preparation for covering with fondant (fill & cover)

3. Cover a square cake in fondant (tricks to great edges and super smooth sides)

4. Learn how to successfully work with black fondant - a whole new level of difficulty

5. Create realistic marble slabs complete with fine seams of precious metal

6. Make fondant embellishments using extruders and fondant smoothers

7. Learn to temper chocolate, create a chocolate sail and lustre it with a metallic finish

8. Learn to paint with edible gold, silver, copper or rose gold to add opulence and luxe to your decorations

9. Utilise food safe supports for your decorative elements

10. Discover how different placements of the key embellishments can totally change the creative balance of your cake


All ingredients, tools and materials will be provided, including lunch, refreshments and course notes. Course runs approx 7 1/2  hours (full day).


** A gluten free cake can be supplied for an additional $5